How to support Ukraine: ENG

It’s time to get loud. Your actions matter. Your voice can be decisive to strengthen Western resolve and protect the security of Ukraine, Europe and the democratic world. Act NOW!

🇺🇦 Spread the news:

Demand for pushing your officials Here’s the example of the letters you can send to the officials: claim for politicians - Call your MP to urge strong economic sanctions: banning Russian banks from SWIFT and establishing a no-fly-zone over Ukraine. Support Ukrainians with defensive weapons and ammunition. - Join the project #WorldForUkraine.

💪 Donate money to support the Ukrainian Army:

You can transfer money to the following accounts:

The account is multi-currency. It is opened for transfers of funds from international partners and donors, any person as well as from Ukrainian business and citizens.

For donations in USD 🇺🇲 
For donations in GBP 🇬🇧
For donations in EUR 🇪🇺
Для зарахування коштів у національній валюті🇺🇦

💔 Charity and Aid to Ukrainians

  1. Medical fund Hospitallers (Госпітальєри)Volunteering medical organization
  1. Red Cross in UkraineVolunteering medical organization:
For donations in UAH 🇺🇦
For donations in USD 🇺🇲
For donations in EUR 🇪🇺
For donations in CHF 🇨🇭
For donations in CHF 🇬🇧
  1. East-SOSCharitable organization since 2014
  2. Soldiers’ rehabilitationCharity fund that helps with the rehabilitation of Ukrainian soldiers
  3. Humanitarian assistance from Poland

Humanitarian assistance including food and other forms of support to people who have to leave their homes.

  1. Solidarni z Ukrainą

Funding for humanitarian assistance from Poland

  1. Blood agents Patreon

community of blood donors in Ukraine

  1. Charitable Foundation "Health of the Ukrainian people”
  1. Aid LegionСharity foundation that helps both Ukrainian army and civilians, who are forced to flee Ukraine due to the Russian invasion

🚨Organize street protests

in your city to support Ukraine and condemn Russian aggression. HERE IS THE SCHEDULE OF RALLIES AROUND THE WORLD

  1. Force sanctions against Russia and Belarus, block Putin's wallets.
  2. Stop doing any business with Russia and Russians: by paying their businesses, you fuel the Russian army and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
  3. Sign other petitions:

Stop the war We stay strong and will fight till the end to protect our homeland. We will be thankful for your contribution and will not forget your help. Your actions matter.